Short interview with a CS300 first officer at SWISS

Thursday 5th April 2018

At the end of my flight from Geneva to Heraklion I had the opportunity to go into the cockpit and talk with the first officer, a very kind person. We discussed a bit about the flight and about the aircraft itself. I let you read the conversation that I had with him.

The bold text is the first officer speaking, the normal text is me.
  • So, you see we have to write down every time of the flight for operational reasons. We use total time which is from block to block, and then for the flight time it is from rotate to touchdown. All the times are calculated automatically by the aircraft (He shows me the screen with all the times). This is very nice compared to certain aircraft which only have a manual stopwatch.
  • Yeah, I can see that, this is very handful to have everything on one screen like that. Would you mind if I take some pictures?
  • No no, go for it.
  • *taking pictures of the cockpit*
  • Nice approach huh? Nice view on the coasts and on the Islands.
  • Yeah absolutely, nice landing too.
  • Yeah, he (the captain) did it. But you know, on this aircraft, this is a bit difficult. Sometimes everything seems ok and you think you going to do a good landing and you end up hitting the runway hardly. It (the aircraft) is a hard-landing aircraft.
  • Interesting, it isn’t that easy to feel the aircraft trough the stick or?
  • No, it’s just the aircraft that is built like that, with time you get used to it and you can anticipate how the aircraft will react in certain situations.
  • I see, what do you prefer in this aircraft?
  • Clearly the moving map (He displays it on the screen). Here at Heraklion it isn’t very useful because the apron is very small and the taxiways very short. But on some big airports it is a very nice thing to have.
  • Like at Amsterdam for example I suppose ?
  • Yeah absolutely.
  • Well, all the passengers are now gone since a few minutes, guess I’ll have to leave. When are you departing?
  • We have approximately forty minutes of turn-around before flying back to Geneva and enjoy the rest of the day off.
  • And do you know where you’re flying tomorrow?
  • Yeah, we came from Zürich yesterday evening, today we are doing GVA-HER-GVA, tomorrow GVA-FLR-GVA-PRG-GVA and the third day GVA-PRN-GVA-ZRH and then we’re off for a few days.
  • Nice destinations! Thank you for taking up some of your time for me, have a safe flight back to Geneva!

I then had to leave the cockpit because all the passengers were into the bus and they were waiting. When I arrived to the bus I was surprised to see that I wasn’t the last one. Somebody had forgotten his luggage in the cabin.

Thank you for reading this small “interview”. If you have any questions or if you have spotted a mistake, please write to by mentioning this article in the object !

Two pictures that I took in the cockpit

CS300 Cockpit view CS300 Cockpit view

Written by Noah B. from Ignition Design