Flight Report: LX2350 Geneva to Heraklion

Thursday 5th April 2018

The 5th of April I flew with SWISS on one of their brand new CS300 from Geneva to Heraklion. The CS300 have been recently bought by SWISS, jointly with the CS100, to replace their Avro RJ-100 and to expand their flying capacity at Geneva and Zürich.

The round-trip ticket cost me about 200$ for an economy seat, with a 23kg in cargo hold, a hand luggage, the meal service on board and the seat pre-booking. Which is actually not that expensive considering the price that would have cost me all those options on a low-cost company.

The flight was set to depart at 8h20 AM so I woke up around 5 AM to be on time at the airport (yes, that’s a factor to think about when you live in the middle of nowhere like me). I arrived to the airport at 6h30 AM. I had to check-in at the airport because there had been a problem with my online check-in. Not a big deal as I have a luggage to register too. After approximately 10 minutes of waiting time, I got my luggage registered and my beautiful paper boarding pass in hand. The security check went quite fast. I looked at the departure board: “Oh no! My flight is at the other side of the terminal”. I ate an expensive-airport-breakfast and I started to walk to the gate as you have to walk for approximately 15 minutes to get there. I arrived at the gate 30 minutes before departure time. The boarding started and we boarded on… buses! They took us to our CS300 which was parked next to the French sector. Which is just straight after the security check. Very disappointing when you have been walking for 15 minutes to get to your gate. Luckily, the disappointment disappeared quite fast when I saw the plane that was going to take me to HER. It was HB-JCA, you can call it “Fichtre” or “Romandie”. He is specially painted by a very talented artist who you can check out there.

HB-JCA Picture

I boarded after some pictures, the crew was very kind. And a nice thing to have when you fly with SWISS from Geneva: Everybody in the cabin crew was speaking French, which is not always the case when you fly with SWISS. My seat was the 21A, I didn’t take a picture of the legroom, but it was slightly bigger than what you could expect from a normal (I mean, not a low-cost) company. Nice view, unfortunately the weather in Geneva is a bit rainy. But it gave me a nice picture.

Rainy weather in Geneva

We departed 15 minutes late, which is not a big deal as there won’t probably be any connecting flight for anybody at Heraklion. We had a nice takeoff, the sound this CS300 makes is very beautiful and not disturbing. It was a bit turbulent when we got through the cloud but once again, no big deal, I love turbulences. The meal service started only a few minutes after takeoff. We had a nice little blueberry cake which tasted better than it looked at first sight. We also had a cold drink and a hot drink. Very nice to have two drinks instead of one, which is normally the standard offer. Look at this pretty table and this pretty little cup, especially designed to be used on HB-JCA.

Nice meal

The two hours and forty minutes flight went on quite nicely, the view was very good on the seat 21A, recommended!

Some view from the airplane

Flying over Athens airport 45 minutes before landing.

Unknown airport

I then asked a stewardess if it would be possible to be in the jumpseat for the landing. It was unfortunately not possible due to SWISS policy about the people allowed in the cockpit, which is totally understandable. But she said to me that if I wanted I could come to seat in the front rows, like that I will be able to discuss with the pilots just after landing. I immediately said yes. This is where things got interesting. When she said front row, I thought she meant the “frontest” row of economy class. Nope. I ended up sitting in business class with 3 seats for me. The business class on aircrafts like the CS300, A320, etc… is not very different from the economy class. Except for the legroom, which is bigger, and only one seat over two is booked (at least with SWISS) to give you more personal space.

Legroom is nice in business

The view was stunning. I had the opportunity to completely film the landing thanks to my new phone with 128 GB of space. Here is the video. And in FHD at 60 FPS please! Enjoy!

The landing was quite smooth, as we landed on a short runway (only 8000 feet) it was a full thrust reverser and a full breaking landing, but once again, not a big deal as the CS300 did all of that very smoothly. This plane is stunning!

20 feet above ground

Great parking job by the pilot taxiing on those parking places that are turning in every direction before you can finally stop.

Great parking job

I then had the opportunity to discuss with the first officer inside the cockpit. He explained me a bit about the CS300. You can read more about this little discussion here. He was very kind and I was able to take some pictures, here is the best one I took.

Cockpit of the CS300

Then I took a bus again to go to the terminal, which is made of only one building! It is very small but very welcoming. There was a lot of passengers waiting to get their luggage back in a small area. The baggage delivery process was a bit confusing and quite long.

The terminal is very small, but very welcoming. And also full of people

This is the end of my flight report. I hope you enjoyed it! You can send your questions, suggestions or any mistake you’ve spotted at contact@ignition-design.ch by mentioning the flight report in the object.

Thank you for reading me, have a nice day and fly safe!










Geneva airport


Heraklion airport


Written by Noah B. from Ignition Design