Ignition Design Activation System privacy policy

Thursday 26th April 2018

Revision of the 23th July 2018 (Corrected some vague terms and some typos)

Terms used

By "X" we mean any association that uses Ignition Design Activation System for one or more of their products.
By "X's customer" we mean any customer from any association that uses Ignition Design Activation System for one or more of their products.
By “Ignition Design” we mean Ignition Design.
By “Ignition Design Activation System” we mean the activation system that is the property of Ignition Design and that is used by an association.


On this page you will find the privacy policy regarding Ignition Design Activation System.
This privacy policy is addressed to X and to X's customer.
It has been reworked to be compliant to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), entering in action on the 25th of may 2018

Exhaustive list of X that use Ignition Design Activation System

  • Pilot Experience Sim (GDPR Compilant at the date of revision of this privacy policy)

What data are we storing?

The following data is required for Ignition Design Activation System to work properly and is stored on Ignition Design servers. It is provided and owned by X.

  • X's customer's IP Address
  • X's customer's main network card MAC Address
  • The times at which X's customer validates his license key.
  • X's customer's first name, last name, e-mail address and the day X's customer has bought the product are provided by X at will, X can provide them for organizational purposes of their own.

What are we doing with the data that we are storing?

Ignition Design Activation System is a data processing service. Therefore, no data is held by Ignition Data, all the data that is stored in Ignition Design servers for Ignition Design Activation System to work is the property of X.

The data is stored on Ignition Design servers that are protected by modern technologies and kept up to date from day to day.

X only has access to the data of their own. Each X has its own management account protected by an encrypted password.

What you can do with the data we have about you?

X can see and update all of its data through its management account.

X can request at any time all of their data to be removed from Ignition Design Activation System without justification. This removal is definitive to ensure proper removal of the data.

X's customer has to contact X to get, modify or delete the data that X have about him as Ignition Design does not own this data.

What are we doing if there is a breach in our servers?

If there is a breach in Ignition Design servers, we will immediately take action to stop this breach from happening. Including in the worst cases a complete shutdown of our systems.

We will then contact X about what happened. We will also take a step further in transparency and release a public statement to be sure that every customer from X has the opportunity to be informed about what happened.

I'm still having questions...

Please write us at contact@ignition-design.ch

Written by Ignition Design